About Us

Kool Reggae Restaurant provides Jamaican meals to cool, chilly Newfoundland with a Caribbean/Canadian ambiance and setting. Our Jamaican jerk chicken, pork and beef are done in the reggae style, cooked slowly over Canadian maple charcoal wood giving that smoky, succulent flavor. Our Jamaican gourmet patties are unique, unlike no other in the world. We meet the desire of seafood, meat and vegetable lovers. The pastries 🥧 are prepared from scratch without the use of lard and shortening, just butter. The flavor of the Jamoco coffee ☕ is one of a kind. All of Kool Reggae’s delicious meals, pastries and coffee are Jamaican/Caribbean originals. Kool Reggae is here to bring a Jamaican vacation to you.

ABOUT US - The owners of Kool Reggae are from Jamaica and presently living in Central Newfoundland. The basic intention of the establishment is to bring style and variety to Newfoundlanders in the form of food with lots of flavor. This will add to the rich and warm culture of chilly Newfoundland. We take pride in our food preparation to present the best quality in terms of taste, texture and service. Our restaurant décor will give a bright, warm and relaxed atmosphere similar to that of the Caribbean.

UNIQUENESS - Meals are not spicy hot, not bland, JUST PERFECT. Jerk meats are slowly cooked over hard wood charcoal wood making it succulent. One of a kind Jamaican gourmet patties of all types ( beef, chicken, turkey, fish, shrimp, veg). Sumptuous Caribbean fried rice with chicken, pork and shrimp in combination of vegetables. Rock steady Cod– cods from Newfoundland shore. Delicious Jamaican curry meals – chicken and mutton. Tasty, sweet pastries 🥧, prepared from scratch. Signature Jamoco coffee with a unique flavor. The soups are warm and fulfilling consisting of meat, potato, etc., will definitely enjoy. Ital (vegetable) meals include high protein based vegetable.

BENEFITS - Quality, tasting food. Healthy food –with reduced fat, used healthy oils, vegi meals available. Variety of choices to choose from. Friendly, courteous staff. Excellent service. Caribbean Ambiance. Price range for everyone.